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Big Data in the Paint Industry

Every successful company uses today some data (somehow). But the key for a real benefit from this data stands on availability, usability and cost-effectivity. What is the situation in your company?

Do you collect all important data from all suitable sources?

How do you clean this data to not overwhelm your employees?

Are this data accessible to your employees/partners whenever they need?

What about your costs, isn't it too expensive to work with your own data?

Main functionality of the TMC

TMC is an application designed especially for the tinting industry. The main functionality is based precisely on specific requirements of this industry and today offers exactly what the customers need.

Tinting Machines Integration

Direct integration of all major types of machines provides automatic data updates, direct maintenance action, software and database updates, etc.

User Access System

Any user can access the TMC without your worries about data security. Each user sees only what is necessary. You can set all literally in a few clicks.

Data Ready to Use

Machine data is collected and processed automatically. The data is ready to use in the TMC without delay after its occurrence for your immediate supervision.

Machines Maintenance

Online supervision enables preventive maintenance and remote service actions. The TMC understands machines, saves a lot of costs, minimizes downtime, reduces risk and provides a competitive advantage.

Clear Outputs Data

The data are presented in a form of graphs, charts, summarizing text elements or directly on the map. These elements are stacked on so-called dashboards and can create different data combinations and working possibilities.

No Worries, Simply and Securely

The TMC is provided as a full service, this means no additional worries and costs for you, including all guarantees and services, ready to use tomorrow!

We help you to the TOP

Today's world of business is asking for the right management decisions, valid for a sufficiently long period but also flexible for operational changes. Decisions which are able to evaluate continuously and at the same time done quickly without high costs.

This is not possible in a long-term period without mastering your own data. And this is not possible without the right approach, without the right tools. This is where the TMC comes to help:

Permanent overview over your tinting machines in a real time.

Complex, but still simple to use data for strategic decisions.

Knowledge sharing between people, departments or e.g. regional headquarters.

Who we are

We are independent, stable and specialized software company in the tinting industry. For our clients we would like to be a beneficial and strong partner. What can we offer at the beginning?

20 Years of Experience

We specialize in software development for the tinting industry for almost 20 years. We started locally, now we work globally. We know well needs & wishes of our clients.

Independent Software

We have no property links with other players on the market, our only interest is software and related services. This means independence of us and also for our customers.

Flexibility and Innovation

We like to say that we are big enough to guarantee stability and quality but also small enough to be innovative and flexible. Our clients appreciate our approach every day.