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What is the value of data in coatings?

What is the value of data in coatings?

We are offering TMC on the market already for some time and we had a lot of meetings and negotiations with our current or potential customers and partners. All this meetings were very interesting and also very different in the approach of the second party.

At the beginning of our negotiation we face sometimes the situation that the other party doesn’t see the value of own data as we see it. In these cases we start ordinary to ask some questions:

  • How often happens some machine malfunction in your company?
  • How are you doing machine maintenance?
  • Are you not radically reducing the life of the machine or its parts with poor maintenance?
  • How often do you encounter mistints and how prevent them?
  • How much all this costs you every year, do you even know?
  • Are you buying the „best“ machine type for your purposes?
  • Are you not doing a lot of unnecessary activities in case of machine maintenance, R&D, marketing or sales, laboratory, etc.?
  • And what about the costs which is not possible to identify so easily but it could be possible to prevent them – e.g. pissed up dealer or customer which change the supplier?


Difficult beginnings

Our issue during initial negotiations is that TMC helps in many different areas and in many different ways. This is quite complicated to present. Moreover TMC is not only some software, but complex solution including longterm consultations, improvement, custom implementation, etc. With each customer we have to find the best options and best benefits, which can be huge.

Of course TMC is not a miraculous tool which solve everything, but it can help a lot in all areas mentioned in the questions above and also in many others, saves a lot of money and even more helps in long term success on the market.


Market feedback

On our meetings we met enthusiastic reactions with the feedback that exactly this tool is missing on the market. We enjoyed few times also an applause after our presentation 🙂 These are the meetings where our thinking is the same like the other party’s thinking. On the other hand we meet also a lot of people which think different and don’t see the added value of their data as we see it.


Everything this brings us to the question, what is the value of data in coatings?

Of course the answer is not so simple and it depends on many factors like what kind of data we are speaking about, what is exact area and strategy of each customer, etc.

But, in general, we can transform this question to another one – does the people realize how much can their own data help in the every day work?


What do you think about value of your data, do you identify interesting data in your company and do you use them? Let me know about your situation or meet us directly to discuss this topic together!



Sales Director

Řídím obchodní strategii TMC, sleduji hodnotu TMC pro praxi našich zákazníků, vrcholově řídím tým a směřování projektu. Z minulosti mám zkušenosti jak z B2B tak z B2C a to zejména v oblastech obchodu, marketingu a PR.