We create our own software and web applications for paint industry, we develop for our clients to order, we work closely on their projects, we provide quality service and customer support.

Tinting software Redlike

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Krizikova 2697/70, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Krizikova 2697/70, Brno, Czech Republic


TMC in the World

World's coatings community leader, organizer of European Coatings Show and publisher of EC Journal, Vincentz Network addressed us with an interest in an interview on the Internet of Things topic. Are you also interested in "How is the Internet of Things (IoT) changing the coatings industry?" or other our ideas and answers for following questions? What have you observed regarding how the Internet of Things is changing the production technology in the coatings industry? What do you see as...

Also this March and first days of April will be for us full of preparation to European Coatings Show as every odd year also for many others. You can read in one of our older blog post how important is ECS in our history. Right in these days we are finishing great news and features in TMC specially for this significant show and we are interesting in a new feedback and reaction. Moreover you will be able...