We create our own software and web applications for paint industry, we develop for our clients to order, we work closely on their projects, we provide quality service and customer support.

Tinting software Redlike

High quality visualization with ColorStudio 3

BI solution Tinting Management Center

Custom development, our cooperation on your projects

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Krizikova 2697/70, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Krizikova 2697/70, Brno, Czech Republic



What exactly TMC knows and how these features help in praxis?


The TMC was developed specifically for the Paint industry, thanks to this it rapidly simplifies operations you need to do. You get valuable results quickly, without specific knowledge.


Specific focus on the Paint industry allows the TMC to be always ready to use for every user, without time consuming maintenance.

Without worries

The TMC is provided as a full service, this means no additional worries and costs for you, including all guarantees and services, ready to use tomorrow!

Direct integration with Tinting machines

Machine maintenance of the Third Millennium

Direct integration of all major types of Tinting machines delivers the highest value of true real-time data. You see what happens in the time when it happens.

For offline machines we offer mobile internet connections, but the TMC can also work with offline machines and brings interesting usage and possibilities with them. We can also help you to bring them online.

The TMC understands tinting machines better than anybody else. Offers online machine supervision, enables preventive maintenance and remote service actions, immediately notifies responsible users when some problem occurs, facilitates administration connected with machine maintenance and servicing. Knowledge sharing (wiki) helps with independence and substitutability.

TMC benefits:

Saves a lot of costs

Minimizes downtime in production

Reduces risk and provides a competitive advantage

Brings satisfied customers and business partners


Help to see and understand your data

To have some data is one thing, the second one is to use them somehow and the third one is to use them effectively. Today, almost every succesful company uses some data for strategic planning, many companies use some limited data also for middle level management and only the biggest companies use data also for daily decisions.

Most often decisions are made by managers and “only” with their own knowledge, i.e. without data background. Of course this doesn’t mean wrong decisions but it means very often not well-informed decisions.

Usability of your data depends on how complicated it is to use them. More complications mean lower usage. This is how the TMC helps you – it collects all inputs, prepares data and outputs and shows it to all users in very simple and clear form. All without your worries.

User access system

Make each from your people a data analyst

One of the main strengths of the TMC is possibility to open your data to each of your employees, without a fear of data leak. Each user always sees only what is necessary and what is needed. All of this you can set literally in a few clicks. User permissions can be set up by granting access to different:

Machine groups - i.e. countries, regions, sales representative areas, etc. up to the level of each machine

Products or Product Groups - depending on surface, place of using, etc.

Type of data - volumes of production, turnovers, counts, service data and others

Dashboards with group of graphs, tables and other elements

Features available in the application (dashboard create, administration, etc.)

Since now nobody has to do decisions without appropriate data! Access can be provided to all users from shareholders over the top management, regional directors, service organizations, business partners, sales networks and sales representatives to managers of individual stores or also machine operators, …

Intuitive user interface, simple administration

If you can browse the web you can use the TMC

Our target during the TMC designing was to create application which can be used by any average internet user. The result is simple, intuitive, step-by-step user interface.

One click… the second click… and you have a new dashboard. Another three clicks and you place into this dashboard a line graph with time evolution of total amount of dispensing in all points of sale by weeks. It is so simple. We always say that our clients should spend their energy and time for exploring their valuable data not for learning how to work with the tool.

But we also create a nice and strong step-by-step administration. You don’t need any extra effort for maintaining the whole system. In five steps you can connect a new Tinting machine into the TMC including all important settings, three simple steps you need for creating a new user, or just one step for setting up a new automatic email report which the TMC sends e.g. every Monday to your colleagues.