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Krizikova 2697/70, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Krizikova 2697/70, Brno, Czech Republic


History of TMC step by step

History of TMC step by step

When I started to write this post I realized, that from today’s perspective is the history of TMC already quite varied. We had first ideas about online application for Paint industry already sometimes in 2010. Basic specification in this period was anyway little bit different and so we date officially TMC birth into the year 2011.

Promising starts

In 2011 we started to think about an online tool which should help with maintenance of Tinting machines. This ideas were based especially on our experience with machine producers, dealers and internal and external service organizations. We created simple business plan and first alfa version for European Coatings Show 2011. We call this project “Service application (v.1)” because of focus on machine maintenance.

Target for ECS 2011 was to find out feedback from our partners and potential clients. Reaction of most of them were so exciting and inspiring that immediately after the ECS we did revision of our business plan and started the project. One of biggest news was promotion of whole project to more complex business intelligence tool including machine maintenance, sales and marketing statistics and more.

Our first step was basic market research of available solutions. We found a lot of BI tools, all of them where “universal, powerfull and simple to customize” as we read in their promotional materials. We selected several solutions for deeper research during which we cross out solutions which do not match basic requirements. Finally we found that all existing solutions we investigated have some properties which would mean too big compromises for our customers and in addition they all were very expensive. Two points crucial enough to be both a reason for rejection of all available solutions.

Difficult moments in life of Service application

At the beginning of 2012 based on our market research we did decision to start development of own tool highly specialized in Paint industry. Our developers got long term perspective of their job description, which was appreciated by them 🙂 We started about one year of intensive development and continuous improvement of the whole idea.

In 2013 we provided first version of Service application (v.2) for testing to few of our partners and unfortunately we found out very quickly that the situation will be not so simple as we thought (or maybe hope). We faced first big practical issues with huge amount of processed data (requirements for computing power), complexity of application which was hard to understand for the average user in current user interface, etc. The result was after few more “fixing” releases that we decided to completely close this first version and start again from the scratch.

Screenshot of Service Application, version from year 2013


Tinting Management Center

During 2014 we were developing third version of application. We called it Tinting Management Center (TMC) which demonstrates better the intention of whole project.

We launched TMC officially on the market on ECS 2015 where we presented fully functional version of TMC 1.0. We started here some new long term partnerships, discussions with interesting potential clients and of course we got also new ideas for TMC future. We must boast, we got also some acquisition offers during few next months 🙂 Overall the feedback from the market was for us a great encouragement after almost three years of intensive development. After ECS 2015 we implemented TMC officially with first clients and others entered testing period.

At the beginning of 2017 we have on the market TMC 1.1 which integrates all important functionality. Currently we are developing other new special functionality which make next steps for differentiation from universal Business Intelligence solutions.


ECS 2017 will be for us another important milestone and so we are already preparing for it, but this will be topic for another post in our new blog.


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