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Reactive machine service – when operator calls

Reactive machine service – when operator calls

Most technicians of tinting machines know this situation – the phone rings or email arrives with a message about problems with a tinting machine. Information is rarely complete and the first step to solve a problem is often very difficult. 

In this situation we try to find out what is exactly happening and also, with only fragmentary information, the reason why it is happening. Machine operator do not say much over the phone and he admits his own mistakes very rarely. Luckily, there is a possibility of remote access, but even that is not often available, operator is not able to run remote access or the connection is too slow/unstable and to achieve some result is just nerve-racking. If it is not a critical error, operator has no time to assist, God forbid that the machine is unavailable for a long time due to maintenance. A personal visit would be the surest way to find a solution, but it is neither possible nor a bit economical to come to each machine for every small error

Fortunately, there is TMC which provides the necessary support and helps to solve the problem in these situations: 

  1. It collects and archives all relevant information continuously on the server, thus ensuring its availability regardless of the current circumstances on the machine.
  2. TMC helps with interpretation of machine records and logs into understandable language so we can see machine reports in mother tongue.
  3. We can search for old data and find similar errors (and records of solutions), also on other machines.
  4. We can reveal apparently unrelated parameters which have been resulted in an error by connecting information from multiple sources.
  5. We have an overview of information that we are not able to  find out easily. An example might be the version of database (recipe) used in each dispensing, machine installation date, date and duration of last rollers cleaning, machine utilization over the last 30 days and so on. 

Moreover the machine is not blocked and the operator can still work with it, of course if the machine state allows it

By analysis of all these data, we can diagnose and make a quick maintenance operation, either directly via TMC (with tools to manage and restore data and settings), by remote access or by personal visit which we can plan and we will be ready for each machine state. We also recommend to write down all results and solving of interventions to the TMC Service book. This helps with machine maintenance administration and it can also save a lot of time during finding of solutions of similar problems in the future.

TMC also helps in a situation when we even didn’t get information about any problem – typically errors which appears on the machine, the operator does not understand and circumvent them, for example, by turning the machine off and on again. In a long term these errors lead to the deterioration of machine condition, the growth of error rates, or a total failure of machine. TMC catches all these errors, makes a report and notifications, identifies all relevant facts and allows to carry out preventive interventions.

TMC is a good helpmate also in case of identifying the reason for complaint of produced material, but this will be topic for another post next time.

Do you have a similar experience with servicing of machines or do you meet up with other issues? Let us know to improve the TMC for you:



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