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Krizikova 2697/70, Brno, Czech Republic


What is the difference?

What is the difference?

Let’s imagine a business meeting where you offer your product to potential customers. What sales arguments do you use most often?

Of course, you highlight the main benefits of the product in general, that is why this type of product the customer needs. Furthermore, you mention the properties of your product which differ from other competing products. Another important factor is why should the customer buy this product just from you. Arguments will definitely differ according to the type of product, its reputation in the market and especially by professional level of the customer in your business area.


Our business area is Business Intelligence, the topic which combines IT skills, statistics, the ability of analytical and business thinking. Usually we meet with our customers in specific knowledge in the field of Paint industry. During the first meetings, our customers are typically divided into two groups:

  1. Clients who already use BI in some way they appreciate the benefits of BI, but they complain about the practical problems. The complaints are mostly about fair value and benefits of this instrument (or BI in general), as well as the complexity from the user’s perspective or very limited availability – for example, only selected employees can use their BI tool or they can use it only in internal corporate network, etc.
  2. Clients who have not used BI yet – these clients are often afraid of complexity and cost of this solution, some of them do not see a reasonable usability of BI for their specific business area.

Hesitation of both groups can be summed up in one question:How would the TMC help just us, where we will feel the difference? This question was crucial in preparing the whole concept and specialization of the TMC.

Our most frequent response to the question What is the difference? is:

  1. Tinting Management Center is the tailored application for a specific segment, therefore it is able to best reflect the specific needs of this segment. In its basic configuration meet most customer requirements. An individual needs is very easy to implement, a regular update is often one step ahead of customer requirements.
  2. Just as in other areas, for BI is also essential its usability and practical benefits. The aim of the TMC is to provide the highest value for customers while maintaining the availability of the whole solution. Thanks to the specific focus of this application we develop only what most of the customers use and the TMC is so affordable than other “universal” solution.
  3. A key factor in a long-term interest of the users is the intuitive control of the application. Such high complexity of the application can be solved by a regular user training, or delegate work with a system only to high-skilled users. Both options greatly degrade the benefits of the application. Each average Internet user is able to use TMC, this ensures a long-term interest of users.
  4. User friendly interface as well as the high availability of this solution determinates the practical impact. The TMC easily allows to set permissions to all types of users, from the board of directors to a machine operator or an external business partner. Without having to worry about sensitive data.
  5. An obstacle to use of similar systems is often the complex and expensive implementation. Again, thanks to specialization of the TMC is the implementation mostly automatic and very quick process without additional financial and time costs for our customer.

What question comes to your mind first on the topicWith or without TMC, what is the difference?” I’ll be glad when you write me your questions below:



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